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Children’s Glasses

Your kids are your number one priority. We have kids too, so we understand. If a kiddo needs glasses, as a parent, you want to make sure you get the best quality children’s glasses at the best value. You want your kids to feel good about what and how they see in the world and also, feel good about being seen.

eyeSmith Sport and Fashion Optical proudly features a wide range of fun, stylish and high-quality kids’ glasses. Parents who visit our Kansas City eye wear store love the variety and selection of children’s glasses we carry — and their kiddos are pleased to. You remember what it was like to be a kid and even later into adolescence. Trying on glasses and checking yourself out was fun. It was like trying on different personas to see how they fit. When the fun results in your child being able to function more effectively at school and in her extracurricular activities and going about his daily life, that’s just a bonus.

As your kids grow into middle school and high school ages, the frame styles they choose can help them reflect who they identify themselves to be. Glasses are not only a useful tool to help seen – they also provide a way for your kids to choose the way they wish to walk and be seen in the world.

At eyeSmith Sport and Fashion Optical, we carry a variety of kids glasses and frames in the top brands, including Ovos and OGI. We help parents find the perfect glasses to fit their children’s lifestyle, personal style, and face shape and not break the family budget.

Searching for the perfect pair of children’s glasses?

Check out our gallery of kids’ glasses, or stop by our Kansas City location to see the brands we carry in person.

Have a question about our kids’ glasses? Call (816) 741-3937 to discuss your options for you and your kids.

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