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Hunting Shooting Glasses in Kansas City

Gearing up for “the hunt”? Hunters purchase top quality firearms, ammunition, clothing, vehicles, and other hunting gear, but sometimes quality shooting glasses are not considered and included. Many do not realize the great degree vision can be enhanced with the right lenses in front of the eye. Hunters experience varying light conditions and backgrounds. Any given day of hunting may include darkness, dawn, dusk, bright sun, and overcast conditions. Available are a number of shooting glasses products with interchangeable lenses to enhance your vision in virtually all light conditions and shooting backgrounds.

One such product is the Rydon performance eyewear by Rudy Project. The Rydon is available in a shooting glass kit that includes five sets of lenses that can be selected from a list of forty different colors and characteristics. One set of lenses could be shooting yellow, for example, for low light conditions. Another set could be polarized FX brown for sunny bright days and enhanced depth perception. For overcast days, a racing red set of lenses would be good which offers excellent contrast to see your target. A fourth set could be light adjusting which will be clear before dawn, but will darken as the sun rises. The combinations are endless.

Prescription Shooting Glasses

If a hunter requires a prescription, one set of prescription lenses is mounted behind the interchangeable lenses thereby avoiding the cost of rx lenses in each set of lenses. The wisdom of using an experienced optician with sufficient inventory of such products is that the shooting glasses can be tried on, the fit experienced, and the various lens colors tested before the purchase is made.

Good vision is enhanced with the right shooting glasses and eyeSmith Sport & Fashion Optical can help. Call us at (816) 256-5333 or contact us to learn more about our services.

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